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S O D A   M A D E

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S O D A    W A T E R    G I V I N G    Y O U    A    L O T    E F F I C I E N C Y


R E F R E S H   Y O U R   S O D A   M A K E R   W I T H   A   U N I Q U E   P R O T E C T I V E   C O V E R 


In 2019, an average of over 4 million plastic bottles were disposed into Hong Kong landfills daily with a recycling rate of less than 1%. At Sodacoo, we strive to reduce plastic waste while enhancing our wellness and lifstyle. Our soda makers provide an elegant fixture to any household or office. Fun for the whole family as they get creative mixing their own drinks with freshly made soda.


Sparkle up your life with Sodacoo today!


B R I N G    S P A R K L I N G    T O    Y O U R    H O M E    N O W   !

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Address:  1001, Hung Tat Industrial Building ,

                   43 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong ,

                   Hong Kong

Tel             :  +852 3956 9805

Whatsapp: +852 60317716

Email     :  info@sodacoo.com 

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