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Sparkle up your life with Sodacoo today!

About Sodacoo

From 2000-2019, the world’s plastic waste reached 353 million tons. Unfortunately, only 9% can be recycled, 50% ends up in landfills, 19% is burned, and 22% is left untreated and leaks into the environment (OECD, 2019).

Plastic waste causes various environmental damage such as ecosystem damage and decreased biodiversity due to pollution

When plastic bottles are not recycled, they are sent to landfill where they can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Moreover, products made from recycled bottles, such as clothing, often end up in landfills as they cannot be recycled with today’s infrastructure.

 Enjoy sustainable life with Sodacoo


At Sodacoo, we strive to reduce plastic waste while enhancing our wellness and lifestyle. We provide one-stop service from soda machine to gas refill in Hong Kong. We believe that something as small as sparkling your water at home can spark a huge change in the world. 

It starts with our carbonating bottle. Our carbonating bottle are reusable for 2 years. Every carbonating bottle will work toward eliminating thousands of single-use plastic waste and keeping our planet healthier and cleaner for everyone.

CO2 carbonating cylinders further contribute to minimizing harmful waste. We offer door to door free delivery for order over HKD500 and in-store exchange in several points for gas refill. It has never been easier than before.

Sodacoo offers customization service of soda maker outfit to match your different lifestyles. it can be wrapped with carbon fibre, fabric to vegan leather.  Our products are at reasonable prices. It allows more soda lovers to enjoy sparkling water,  at the same time led to a healthier live on a less plastic planet.

The Advantage of having sparkling water

Many people believe that soda is a diuretic that could dehydrate you, it is not true. Soda and other carbonated drinks can hydrate the body as well as water can. This kind of soda water has, in fact, the same benefits as drinking ordinary water.

Helps relieve stomach ache

Some researchers found that drinking soda water had significantly reduced the indigestion of those that drank it during a study. Soda water and other types of Carbonated can help relieve stomach aches and even help people, who are suffering from nausea or indigestion, feel better.

Helps relieve constipation

People suffering from constipation may experience gas, bloating, and painful bowel movements. According to a study conducted in the year 2002 by some experts, soda water may help to treat constipation. 

Decreases the risk of heart diseases

Drinking soda water also exhibited improved overall digestion along with the gallbladder emptying as well as lower incidences of dyspepsia and constipation, which helps exhibited lower risks of heart diseases.

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