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Soda made easy      BPA-free PET bottle      No electricity required


Increase daily water intake

Sparkling water has the taste of carbonated beverages such as cola and soda. For many people who do not like drinking water but only drink beverages, it is a relatively healthy way to replenish water.

Substitute high-sugar beverages for a healthy life

Sparkling water is not as high in calories as soda, nor does it contain aspartame and other artificial sweeteners that are not good for your health like zero-caloriedrinks, which makes your health more secure.

Relieve greasiness, Clear taste buds, awaken the sense of taste

The delicate bubbles can remove the oil and greasiness, remove the complex taste, relax the entire mouth.


Promote metabolism

The water-soluble carbon dioxide in the sparkling water can slightly dilate the capillaries, thereby promoting blood circulation, speeding up metabolism, and increasing energy consumption.

Eliminate heat and regulate body temperature

The carbon dioxide in the bubble water can help take away heat and accelerate the lowering of body temperature.

The accumulation of lactic acid produced after exercise can make muscles feel sore, and the body will feel very tired.

The sparkling water can neutralize lactic acid and help relieve muscle aches and fatigue.

Neutralize lactic acid and relieve fatigue


Promote gastrointestinal motility and relieve stool

Drinking sparkling water can stimulate the mucosa of the stomach wall, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and effectively relieve constipation

Increase satiety and suppress appetite

A Japanese study found that 250ml of sparkling water produces 900ml of gas in the stomach, which can creating a feeling of fullness and helping to suppress the idea of ​​eating. The carbon dioxide in sparkling water can also promote blood circulation to speed up the metabolism, and achieve a certain calorie consumption.


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