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​How do I use my Carbonator Air? 

如何使用我的Carbonator Air 氣泡水機?

請觀看以下影片 Please watch the video below:

​How do I use my Carbonator Pro?

如何使用我的Carbonator Pro 氣泡水機?

請觀看以下影片 Please watch the video below:

What is the difference between Carbonator Air and Carbonator Pro?

Carbonator Air 和 Carbonator Pro 有什麼分別?

更少的塑料,更多的鋼材。 Less Plastic, More Steel.

Carbonator Pro is an upgraded version of Carbonator Air. Its body is made of durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which makes the carbonator not only stronger and higher quality, but also has a stylish and professional appearance. For those who like exquisite and durable, It was an obvious choice.

Carbonator Pro為 Carbonator Air的升級版,機身採用耐用及耐腐蝕的不銹鋼製成,令氣泡水機不但更堅固和優質,同時具有時尚和專業的外形,對於喜歡精緻耐用的人來說,是個不二之選。

Does the Carbonator need electricity to work?


No outlet needed. Our carbonators are cordless and electricity-free. 


Can I press the button more than once?


Yes, you can press the button more than once if you think the water is not fizzy enough.

可以的。 如果您認為氣泡量不夠,可以再按一次打氣。

If I press the button too many times, will the carbonating bottle explode?


No. Our carbonator has auto-release system. Extra CO2 gas will be excreted from the carbonator.

不會。 我們的氣泡水機有自動排氣功能,多餘的二氧化碳氣體會從機外排出。

Can I use existing cylinders for both carbonator models?


Both Carbonator Air and Pro can use the same 400-425g/60L cylinders.

Carbonator Air 和 Pro 均使用相同的 400-425g/60L 氣瓶。

Are the carbonating bottle for Carbonator Air and Carbonator Pro can be interchangeable ?

Carbonator Air 和 Carbonator Pro 的水瓶可以互用嗎?

No. Carbonator Air uses 'screw-in' system for the carbonating bottle while Carbonator Pro uses 'plug-in' system.

不能。因為Carbonator Air 使用的是“旋入式”水瓶,而 Carbonator Pro 則是使用“插入式” 水瓶。

Can I put juice/ wine or other drinks into the carbonating bottle?


No. Only water can put into the carbonating bottle for carbonating. Juice or other beverages can be mixed up with sparkling water in cup separately.

不能。 只能將水倒進水瓶內進行打氣,而果汁或其他飲料則需要倒進杯中與氣泡水混合。

How do I know if my gas cylinder is empty?


請觀看以下影片 Please watch the video below:

There are some tests you can try to help determine if your CO2 cylinder is out of gas :

您可以嘗試以下的測試來幫助確定您的 CO2 氣瓶是否沒有氣體 :

TEST 1:​

Make sure the cylinder is tight enough. Twist cylinder to the right and retighten if necessary.




When you press the button, more gas will enter into water.




Water bottle filled with bubbles after pressing the button.




When you press the button, you will hear a buzzing sound.



If the above tests are unsuccessful, you may be out of gas. New cylinders can be purchased at exchange rates through our online shop or by visiting our retail stores.

如果以上測試都不成功,則可能是氣瓶用完。 可以通過我們網上的商店或到訪我們的零售店以換氣價購買新氣瓶。


Gas Refill 訂購換氣


Retail Store 門市

Is PET plastic safe to use for drinking water?

PET 塑料用於飲用水安全嗎?

We use food-grade, virgin PET only. Which means that our bottles are non-toxic, BPA-free and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

我們只使用食品級原料 PET,意味著我們的瓶子無毒、無雙酚 A,並且不含任何有害化學物質。

What is the capacity of PET Water Bottle?


Our bottle has a special marked of filling line to help avoid excess water flowing into the spill tray during carbonation.

The capacity of the bottle up to the filling line is 80 cl or 800 ml and this is how much water can be carbonated at once. The capacity of the whole bottle equals approximately one litre. For the Small PET Water Bottle, its filling line is 45cl or 450ml and this is how much water can be carbonated at once. The capacity of the whole small bottle equals 65cl or 650ml.



水瓶的水位線容量為 80厘升或 800毫升,這是一次可以打氣的水量,而整個水瓶的容量大約為一升;小型水瓶的水位線容量則為 45厘升或 450毫升,這是一次可以打氣的水量,而整個小水瓶的容量大約為65厘升或 650毫升。

What is the difference between gas refill price and cylinder price?


In order to encourage customers to drink sparkling water in a more environmentally friendly way, we have specially set a price for refilling gas which is lower than the purchase price of new gas cylinder. Customers not only can receive a new gas cylinder with a more favourable price, but also reduce waste of solid waste at the same time.

為了鼓勵客人更環保地飲用氣泡水,我們特別設立低於購買新氣瓶價錢的換氣價。 客人不僅能以更優惠的價錢購買新氣瓶,更可減少固體廢物浪費。

Gas refill price 換氣價 :

Customers need to return empty cylinders while ordering cylinders.


Cylinder price 氣瓶價:

Customers buy a completely new cylinder without returning an empty cylinder.


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