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Gas Refill

Gas Refill

Running on empty, it’s time to exchange.


ONE full gas cylinder is exchanged for One empty cylinder at gas refill price*

用一支空氣瓶加換氣價錢可以換一支全新氣瓶. (一換一)


On delivery day, we will deliver full gas cylinders and collect the used cylinders. 送氣瓶當日, 會同時收回空樽.    



Sodacoo provides gas refill service to recycle empty gas cylinders for reuse instead of recycling cylinders that can no longer be used. If the old cylinders that are too old, moldy, and have a dilapidated appearance, Sodacoo reserves the right to ask customers to pay the difference between gas refill and new cylinder.


Sodacoo提供換氣服務旨在重新回收空的氣瓶可以再用而不是收回一些不能再用的氣瓶。如果氣瓶太舊, 發黴, 或外觀殘舊,Sodacoo則有權保留向客人要求付回差價當作買新氣瓶的權利。

If any enquiries, please contact Sodaccoo before placing order 60317716.

如有疑問, 請先聯絡Sodacoo 60317716。


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