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New Arrivals

Introducing Carbonator Pro

Our newest addition to the Sodacoo family. Elevate your countertop experience now!

Convenient to carry around, enjoy fresh passion fruit anytime and anywhere.

Freeze Dried Passion Fruit

How To Use ?

With just one press, you can drink fresh sparkling water!

Never dispose of an exhausted CO2 Cylinder!
You can buy new CO2 Cylinders at the refill price in the following ways:

ONLINE Gas Refill
On Sodacoo's official website, you can purchase CO2 cylinders at the refill price of $180, and free shipping for orders over $500. When the order arrives, return the empty CO2 cylinder to the courier for our recycling.

You can also visit our retail store and buy the CO2 cylinders. Enjoy the refill price if you bring back the used one.


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