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T R A D E   I N

Give your carbonator a new life.

Save up to HK$350 off

on a qualifying new Sodacoo Carbonator set.

According to Environmental Protection Department, the average daily quantity of municipal solid waste (MSW) disposed of at landfills was 11,128 tonnes in 2022. This data highlights the alarming levels of waste generation and the urgent need for effective waste reduction strategies. In response to this pressing issue, initiatives such as the trade-in for carbonator aim to tackle waste at its source by encouraging reduction and recycling efforts.

How to trade in?

Bring along your carbonator along with the carbonator bottle to our trade-in point.

Get instant discount an Carbonator set purchase.

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Get your carbonator ready to trade in

You'll need to replace the water bottle along with the carbonator. Alternatively, you can also participate in a replacement plan with other brands of carbonators.



Bring it to the trade in point

*Cannot ship for trade-in.

You can enjoy a HK$350 discount on the any Carbonator set you choose to exchange.


Why option for the Sodacoo trade-in program for carbonator?

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User - Friendly

By trading in for carbonator set, you instantly save HK$350, alleviating the financial burden of purchasing a new one. Additionally, we offer professional after-sales services to our customers, including inspection and maintenance.

Eco - Friendly

The recycled carbonator undergo inspection and maintenance before being donated to those in need, allowing you to contribute to environmental efforts. Additionally, we provide a gas refill service, enabling you to purchase new CO2 cylinders at an exchange price while recycling your depleted CO2 cylinders for refilling.


Free Delivery

When your order total reaches HK$500 or more, you'll enjoy free shipping, which includes the gas exchange service, allowing you to comfortably await delivery of your goods at home.

Where do the recycled carbonator go?

After being collected, the water dispensers undergo a meticulous process of cleaning, thorough inspection, and necessary repairs. Once this process is completed, they are thoughtfully donated to those in need, ensuring their continued utility in supporting worthy causes.

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